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The Nature Farms - BCO Colombian Black

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These seeds are NOT for new growers.  This is a very long flowering sativa and is for experienced growers only.

Breeders Choice Organization


2022 Seed increase. Using 8 colored females, 3 select colored males. Originally BCO stock, seed increased in 2012 by Bodhi.

Field collected in December 2002 from farmed Local lines in the ‘llanos orientales’ region in Colombia by Breeders Choice member ‘Aldous’.

A true, pure equatorial Sativa with no ceiling, never hybridized and a classic breeding line proven in other BCO Hybrids.

* Pure equatorial Landrace Sativa
* Collected in Colombia 2002 from cultivated lines
* Extreme potency
* from First generation accession

Indoor/Greenhouse: 18-26 Weeks
Outdoor finish: Late December/January at 30 North.
Odor/Taste: Frankincense, Burning Bandaid Equitorial, Import Tobacco Essence
Pest resistance: Low to Average
Mold Resistance: High
Stretch: 3x and greater
Yield & Quality: High

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The Nature Farms - BCO Colombian Black
The Nature Farms - BCO Colombian Black